FINRA Complaint

I made official complaint with FINRA today. Although the scam is clear someone needs to be accountable and that will be Guyer and Rice. They will be sure to have the heat come down on them. I not only indicated the scam of the company but the principles as well. The fact that they are doing a classic Ponzi Scheme and have not been shut down is my goal to stop this dead in its tracks. So my words of wisdom for Mr. Guyer, fix what you have broken. What I mean by this is return investors money to the company funds. Then resign and resign your Class B shares back to treasury stock. Then the investors can elect the best man for the job. I am sure Stephen Guyer will not do this but I will feel it is my job to make him accountable for this. His time is coming and someone like him will be the first to crack once they see the gig is up.

4 thoughts on “FINRA Complaint

  1. Rice is the lesser of the scam. He signs documents and filings. Has taken about 2 billion shares since 2009. But he’s not much more than a name.
    Guyer’s the conducter. All losses trail back to him. He makes out fine. But this scam is nothing but a giant loss to investers.
    Make sure FINRA knows to Cross Reference the SEC and IRS..
    He’ll get a great lawyer. Investers will pay for that too!

  2. This is Classic stuff!!
    jonniemossie is telling reeker that Guyer spoke at a conference!
    Oh, REALLY?
    But somethings missing here jonnie! Like what did he speak about? Huh?
    How to rebuild a transmission? Where to find the best Christmas Ornaments? When to buy watermellons? Jock itch?
    You cant make this crap up!

    • guyer probably talked for 5 minutes on how to mine shareholders pockets without really trying. Or how to mine gold with a mill without spending any money to run a mill. guyers been very successful with those techniques. Probably had his little conductors baton for a pointer.

  3. Love the way johnyloss was trying to make it look like only he knew what was going on with wht was going on with guyer until akulka brought the real link. Now johnnyboy is doing everything to piss of modr… and the board mods leave all jonnyloss’s personal attacks at modr up. Think johhnyloss is akasshole? aka guyer? Who knows. But I really don’t think modr is deserving of all of jonnyboys vicious attacks. Too bad all the board mods are major hypocrites…

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