Hey Iflubs, check this out:


This chart only goes back 2 years. But its the same chart for the last 9 Years! Starting at 66 cents!

How much money has guyerice taken from suckers?

btw, when’s the last time anyone saw these two scammers?

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gotta email pennypump newsletter in september.did some investigating. knew this was scam within 10 minutes. company office is abandoned.CEO is an old Geologist.CFO has website with no verifiable credentials. these guys shoulda bin locked up years ago.

6 thoughts on “Hey Iflubs, check this out:

  1. The chart was posted on Iscam. So far no reaction, probably will be ignored or deleted. They are all probably looking for a reason to delete it even though it breaks NO TOS violation unless they add posting the truth is a violation.

  2. Speaking of truth, I’m working on some correspondence with Kitt Proimos concerning Wally Erickson and their conversations concerning POW and what’s REALLY accomplished at the mill. As of last month, not much. All it looks like is guyers buddy meiser (burkhard) the dozer boy pushed around some dirt and got a little further along with the mill drain pond. NOT the tailings ponds. The tailings have been an issue for 5 years and not one single thing has been done with the tailings. Stay tuned. Filing papers with the DRMS on what you intend to do is one thing, actually doing the work is another. One can see how guyer pushes the story by filing plans, all the while NOT WORKING the plans. Simple.
    Funny, when I told Kitt I thought all this time he was a she, he said, “not the last time I looked. But I’m used to that. I won’t take it personal.”

    • When I first went thru this scam, Kitt was the first guy I followed at Ipimp. he was practically the only one who could explain the scam to the resident suckers. the pumpers hated him and took a long time to TOS cuz he was so far ahead of them. Great guy!

      Just saw ljslobber tellin people cgfi’s transparent and communicates. Sez they PR’d the ni-43blah in february.
      Yeah, Rice did and it isnt worth the paper its printed on! Doesnt meet informational,technical or professional standards and its “Preliminary”! Leeroy Rice is an Old Fool along with Carl Guyer.
      Its Worthless junk.
      Just like CGFI.


  3. Even if it wasn’t preliminary, it’s CANADIAN. Has absolutely no known bearing on anything mining in the US. It’s primarily used in the states as investment fodder. No one on the ipump board will mention that fact.

    Kitt’s cool. Been getting a lot of info and sources/links from him way back since the dumb petition letter. He showed me it was possible to submit fake names by the bunch to that petition letter. So the petition thing was a failure as the DRMS board council doesn’t recognize group petition submissions. The DRMS only recognized the people who sent in separate letters with their real names and addresses and such. The petition did nothing. Matter of fact, I heard it was water cooler jokes around the DRMS and other agencies the whole time. 567turd had a field day pumping that piece of shit failure all over the internet. Turd probably thought it was a great exposure run. The cgfi pps was falling the whole time just the same.

  4. Its about time! Someone finally told braindead to stop saying they need a
    “Fully Conditional Permit”.
    I honestly believe he’s either developmentally disabled or he’s paid to act like it. It’s impossible for anyone to be that stupid on their own.

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