Is guyer back in the saddle again?

Did anyone catch what guyer may have pulled?  guyer filed months ago that he sold his entire voting shares to another miner type owner, then 2 weeks ago — GUYER BOUGHT IT ALL BACK apparently.

This could do a few things.  guyer may be able to start with a clean shell and new name by doing this stock shell game.  It’s definitely very shady and underhanded way to clean out a company.  We’ll see what else transpires very soon.  His next filing will tell all.

Sorry to all the real traders that got raped by guyer and it looks like he’s going to wash and repeat the scam… Hopefully people like myself will stay diligent and keep his criminal actions of the past in public view.

And yes, the SEC thinks it IS a criminal offense to mislead the trading public with false PR’s and phony company stock dealings.





Another SEC bad news letter.

guyer and cgfi hit with another SEC ethics letter questioning stock manipulations and filing discrepancies.  guyer has been dodging the SEC since almost January 2013.  guyer hasn’t filed any 10Q or K’s since last winter.  And since guyer has basically sold his whole ownership to another shady dude, the reply will probably come from the new guy.  guyer’s outta there.


This is not good news and seems to come before a public Wells Notice.

New guyer 8K…guyer looks gone.

This am 8K showing guyer with ZERO voting shares pretty much looks like guyer is bailing cgfi.  As others have said, that’s his technique… take over a pink shell company, give himself sole ownership, suck it dry then fly before the BK or delisting.  guyer has done that before with other past companies.

I guess now the next news will be a name change and more share issues.

Shame the new guy will resell the phony mill story.  I read where he supposed to have mining companies.  But none of them ever were real or made money from the earth.  Only stock sales, just like guyer.


Still no guyer word

Almost 4 months late on 10Q, which guyer wouldn’t skip.  But since guyer is most likely out of the cgfi picture by selling off almost 100% of his controlling stock in cgfi, maybe he’s not the cfo any more and won’t do the next 10Q.  That may be the new guy.

I’m surprised guyer didn’t do the form 15 de register thing with the SEC.

Either way, new announcements due by the new scammer.  This will be interesting.  The mill is still a good phony story line, so I don’t expect like this guy saying they’re going to grow weed in the mountains. But nothing stopping him from changing the name and playing games with the DRMS all over again.  Matter of fact, I fully expect that.

10Q out late. Still being idiots.

10Q out after delay.
guyer and crew still are morons by publishing the Canadian report.

Guyer being hammered by personal lawsuits, cgi lawsuits.
Fearn will probably start suing guyer.

Cgi is toast. Guyer could even do the form 15 with the sec and go dark. But that won’t stop the lawsuits.

Guyer and rice in deep shit 2014

-Not so happy new year for guyer and rice.
Another lawsuit against guyer and rice and cgfi filed month of December. This one from other than Hennis.

As I said last year that guyer and rice gave themselves deeds to the POW and now that’s going to burn their ass hopefully. Apparently selling equipment that belongs to the POW and the original lease holders and promissory note holders without telling them wasn’t very smart of guyer/rice. Looks like guyer could be selling off equipment that could have gone toward rebuilding the POW but instead he and rice are lining their pockets with the returns. It’s up to the 2 officers to show where that money went.

The SEC will have to wait for the civil courts to be finished, but you can bet they are right there.

Is ficose fearn?

Read this link all the way through. Hennis isn’t the bad guy. Fearn, owner of gold king looks like he is the shady one.

“One local describes Fearn as a “dreamer.” Others regard him as more of a promoter than a mine operator, without the kind of backing needed to sustain a full-scale mining venture. Hennis says he had his own reservations about Fearn’s ability to take over Sunnyside’s water-treatment requirements.”

Here is another reason for fearn to screw hennis…bad blood from the get go :

“But disputes arose among the parties almost from the start. Hennis demanded that Fearn produce proof of liability insurance as part of the deal to lease back the ponds to the treatment-plant operation; when the proof wasn’t forthcoming, Hennis went to court seeking to evict Gold King from his property. “I can’t have that site uninsured,” Hennis says. “It’s endless liability.”

Fearn attributes his problems to the unfavorable terms of the deal with Hennis’s company and the difficulties in obtaining bonds from insurance companies in the wake of September 11. “If you want a bond now, it’s basically cash,” he says. “Unfortunately, we signed a very bad lease with [Hennis]. He started trying to terminate the lease within a month of our getting it. It cost us a lot of money, and we had other things in our business plan that weren’t working, so we were getting hit on both sides.”

It actually looks like Todd Hennis saw that fearn was going to keep ripping him off and tried to stop fearn from using sunnyside company to make out.

this is getting truly interesting.

guyer selling everything! Update to post: receivership filed….

Just got this from ihub member posting on cgfi board.
I do not know where he got this though, take it with a grain of salt.

Not a quote…

The receivership filing was true and it went down this past Nov. 12th. Hennis is still owed what Guyer ripped him off for. Guyer is selling many pieces of mining equipment. The ball mill, supposedly worth 800,000 was sold to another mining company for under 20,000. Many more pieces were all sold this summer without notifying Hennis or the other major lien holder named Tusco. Guyer is broke and is selling off property that doesn’t belong to him/cgfi. This is outright fraud

The judge was wrong in his determination and hopefully Hennis will try again.

Another main point is I don’t see where guyer made any attempt to publish the receivership case as this is a huge material event.

More to come I’m sure.

Also fricosasshole IS an insider in a big way.
FACT. fricoasshole and goldminor will be going down with guyer and rice in the upcoming investigation.

fricoasshole hard defending guyer.

I think fricoasshole IS guyer, or his brother.  NO ONE defends a shitty CEO on a chat board unless they’re in bed with them.  fricoasshole is a total  prick and liar who has been selling cgfi stock from the creation of the ihub cgfi board.  NO ONE stays that long and pumps a scam company like he has.  It’s not normal.

fricaseeasshole once again blames Hennis.

What a schmuck.  fricaseeass is hinting, not to subtly again about blaming Hennis for everything.  Anyone who isn’t a paid dumbass by guyer knows that its solely guyer who screwed everyone and STOLE the mill from Hennis.  guyer backstabbed and took the mill out from under Hennis back in 2007/2008.  I don’t think Hennis was thoroughly versed with stock manipulations then and guyer took advantage of this.  guyer already had experience stock compensating himself at that expense of killing companies before.

fricasee is personally fronted by guyer or is guyer.  Total lame dickhead.  Always has been.

Is that the same Kitt  from last year now a mod?  How the hell did the pumperclowns let that happen?  But he/she isn’t doing a thing to shut those assholes up.  Waaay more control then I ever have.

Could guyer truly be done? Soon?

This post by 1manband on investorshub website could be the death knoll for guyer.

One thing I’m wondering, cgfi has been under a chill for years, there is no official letter that lifted that chill, but now this global lock announcement almost sounded like a new thing to cgfi.  Probably just a formality.  But this could be the start of officially shutting down guyers stock machine permanently.  The mill will still be there, perhaps hennis will come back and give cgfi another name and ticker.  Either way, it’s finally looking like end game for guyer and pals.  The SEC is still out there lurking around guyer, so the shareholders may still get some payback emotionally should guyer be sued.  Because no shareholder is getting any money ever, forever from guyer.

1manband Monday, 12/02/13 01:21:20 PM
Re: sanbrunobaby post# 66423
Post # of 66443
The global lock should effectively shut down the Company and their ability to raise any money through share issuances. The debt financiers have sued other companies when they lose the ability to convert their debt and sell the discounted shares into the market, either because they believe they can squeeze the last bit of blood out the company, or as a message to other clients to toe the line in the future.

For the convertible debt/8-K question, the requirements for filing an 8-K and the determination of if an event rises to the level of materiality is largely up to the Company. To answer your question, many companies do file an 8-K for convertible debt agreements as well as conversions. And many don’t.

Since the Global Lock effectively turned off their ability to issue new shares, they are likely to run out of money very soon, if they haven’t already. I would like to see the 10-K to answer some of these questions, but it is very possible it will never show up and the Company will just fade away.


Scam? Any Questions?

“I cant believe this company is still doing the same old thing. I have some updates and I want everyone to know what is going on. I looked over the report by Cohen Independent Research Group, Inc that was included on the latest Press Pump Release. I spoke with the owner Paul. He seemed very nice and I asked him point blank how he got the information about CGFI to make such a report. He said they get it furnished by the company and more so he worked directly with Sarah Speno and he praised her as being very intelligent. I asked if she worked for the company and he said yes. I preceded to tell him that this company has taken the shareholders for a ride by “Increasing Shareholder Value by doing a Reverse Split of 5000:1 and then on the 21st day after that they reissued 1 billion more shares. Then sold up to another nearly 330 Million shares and then did a reverse split again within 8 months of a 500:1 reverse stock split.” I asked him how that is GOOD shareholder value? He said he just gets the information and he then sends that out to some analyst and then puts his stamp on it and releases the press release.

Needless to say he told me to call Sarah Speno but asked me for my number and name as I provided to him and able talk to her. By the time I called her he already did so and told her I was bashing the company. Well I guess I will use my “Free Speech” or “Truth as a Defense” on this one. She had a very aggressive tone and raging anger with me. She was very defensive right from the start. Usually people like that have something to hide. I asked her, once I could get a word in what she does for the company. She replied “I am a consultant for them”. Getting a word in edge wise was hard to do and then she claimed up but told me I had anger issues. lol I guess so seeing how I was taken by a scam company and I am upset with that. Well interesting point she made was that she said, the company is solid, but their is risk in investing in Junior Mining Exploration companies. I laughed and said they have been pulling the same scam for years now. She said they need $11 million to get things going. If I was not so mad at her tone and unprofessional behavior I would be on the ground laughing. She demanded my name and town I live in so I complied once again and gave it to her as I have nothing to hide. So now she has my name number and town I live in. I asked her once again what she does and I already knew she was a Lawyer and she refused and just said she is a “Consultant”. I asked if for CGFI she just said a “consultant”. I think that when someone can’t answer a straight question then their is something more to the story.

So my point now is. Who is Sarah Speno? What relationship does she have with Colorado Goldfields? Is she being paid to be a consultant for Colorado Goldfields and if so why is this not being disclosed? Why are calls being directed to her? Why can we NEVER reach anyone at the company? Why is Magna and Hannover Group buying shares of this company. No investor would be so reckless with their money at this point or with their clients.

So Sarah Speno demanded my info and I dont know what she needs it for but her info was given to me by Cohen Independent Research Group, Inc the owner Paul, so maybe someone can call her get more info and discuss it here. the only place for truth about CGFI. Her number is 917-523-1029 and her email is Seeing how she was representing the company and defending it I feel safe to say we as shareholders have the right to contact her.

Please help find out about her. I found some things on Ihub.”{.

Pinkscam EndGame.

“On November 11,2013, Norman Singer resigned his position as a director for personal reasons.”
In PinkySpeak, it’s called “Snake oil salesman, with no oil.”
Norm’s been in over a decade. Scam pocketed Millions. What exactly have you supplied towards the success of CGFI over the last decade, Norm?
10’s of Millions of investor dollars went to insiders. And guess what, Norm? You’re an INSIDER!
Seems you waited a little too long to walk. You cant claim ignorance when your in a 10 year old scam. No ones that stupid, are they?

Get ready for 3 hots and a cot, Norm.
Secret Service is ON THE JOB! and they’re coming hard.
You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Wonder if Guyer/Rice/Fearn have current passports?
Not that it matters.

DTCC reminder just a wake up call …

… for guyer.  He’s probably going to get that baton out of his ass and speed up his 3rd R/S for the year, maybe before Thanksgiving.  Soon, but rest assured, guyer will R/S again.  Could be seeing a sec auth form for more stocks.

The first clue the SEC is sniffing up guyers ass is this first letter to lee.  It usually means the SEC HAS been watching guyers shit shenanigans.


4th R/S coming soon.

3 splits in 4 years (2009,2012,2013).
Expect 4th rs after turn of year. Guyer wont show face for obvious reasons. Once Feds open this up, the money is easy to follow. Pinky Shells pass stock monies to small group of insiders who inturn pocket it all. Thats why nothing gets done, yet all money vanishes.
Dont be surprised to see Bankruptcy claim sometime after next rs.
Thats one exit strategy.

Guyers lucky he’s not a teacher.

Look at the kid who killed his Math teacher with a box cutter at Danvers High School in Massachusettes.

We need More Laws! We must stop all box cutter violence immediately!

Mandatory background checks on all box cutter sales.

Ban all assault type box cutters!

People don’t kill people, box cutters kill people!

Close all box cutter show loop holes!

Why does anyone need a box cutter? And don’t get me started on those easily concealed box cutters.

Some people should be very careful of box cutters.


Anyone remember MTmoron from cgi ipump board?

Speaking about mtmoron, and his last post on ipump was 4/13, I was looking at mtmorons past posts from more than a year ago.

Good god, he was truly feeble minded.  Either alcoholically brain damaged or senile, he sure was stupid.  Anyone remember the total bullshit failure petition letter that mtmoron wrote, or did fricaseeass write and mtmoron took the credit?

This post was a attack against Kitt, who brought it to the board that the permit wasn’t granted to process ore like moron made it out to be, and Kitt caught mtmoron in another stupid brain fart about the bullshit petition letter.  From the looks of this post, I believe mtmoron is Ryan Lee from Conn.  As moron mentions “no matter how MY words are twisted, here is the original letter… .  Which, this link does not allow one to copy text, AND how did moron get this particular copy at that time as those letters didn’t get posted publically until early that August.

Mtmoron states no where does the letter mention 100 jobs…

” M_T_Pockets      Tuesday, July 31, 2012 3:32:58 PM Re: None    Post #  of 66161 “As the author, this should be recognizable.”

Therein lies the problem. The author is the one who gets to define what his own writings mean.

It is extremely arrogant to try to redefine another’s words just to fit a misguided interpretation or opinion.  “Supply chain economics”. Look it up. It means that one good paying job can foster several other jobs. It is a simple concept that others have expressed about CGFI.

Your post expressed an “opinion”.

My petition expressed a economic theory that is supported by other more learned people.  And no matter how the words I used are twisted, the original statement did not say that the POW mill would employ 100 people. That is a misguided misrepresentation of the petition letter. The theory is even explained in a footnote if one cares to look beyond their own interpretation for clarification. 

Spinning till one screws one self into knots will not change what was written or the effect it had on the DRMS, MLRB, and Governor’s attention to CGFI’s efforts to reopen the mill. We will see that only when the MLRB meeting occurs. (but so far things are proceeding in a positive direction.)  Pursue the definition chosen. It will change nothing. It will only disclose a shortsighted outlook on the events happening before us and the attempt to mislead the readers.

Here is the original letter so others can verify the wording for themselves.”

Then this in the very same link mtmoron posts in that message.  What a nutjob.

He contradicts himself almost daily right up till he disappears.  In this paragraph alone ryan lee lies 4 time blatantly.   1. Fully functional = LIE  2. 700 tons a day = LIE, drms and cgfi engineer both claimed mill is top capacity of 300 to 350 max with existing non working machinery.  3.  Provide up to 100 jobs = LIE  4. Eliminate 12.7% unemployment = LIE.  Unemployment overall in Colorado isn’t 12%.

From the morons’ link:

“The key word here is “operating’.  Located in the area is a fully functional, state of the art, high capacity mill.  This mill, named “pride of the West” (pow) is centrally located, and is designed to process up to 700 tons per day of ore.  Furthermore, upon permit approval it will perform custom milling.  When open, it would provide up to 100 jobs at full capacity, totally eliminating the 12.7% unemployment in San Jaun County.”


Sunbozo on cgfi ipump today

“If there is a refund on the bond that might breath some life into the corpse,but simply I cant imagine under current management a viable business plan emerging- they have had some time to do so and we have seen results.” 

The DRMS warranty bond is not guyers money and is never refunded as some sort of cash to the mining company.  That is scam board rhetoric for the sheeple.  In reality, a DRMS warranty bond gets reduced as the company complies to DRMS conditions and if the mine or mill closes down prematurely without complying to the existing conditions, then the remaining warranty bond is called up and used as it is stated as a CLEAN UP/RECLAMATION purpose.  THEN the company had better come up with the cash.  In guyers’/cgi case, the warranty was a line of credit with a funding source which in turn deposited their funds in goldfields name.  guyer isn’t using his or cgis’ money at all.  It’s another loan or promissory note by guyer.

At some time ago, per DRMS source, cgi had only qualified for something under 10,000 dollars reduction of the warranty bond.   By now, the next update on DRMS will show over a million in the warranty bond, guyer hasn’t complied to most conditions this year and some of those did have time constraint conditions.

Anyone stating a DRMS warranty bond gets refunded to the company in some form of cash has no grasp of the concept of the DRMS reclamation process.  The only way would be if a company actually paid cash themselves, which guyer didn’t do.  Colorado will always require a DRMS warranty bond to operate a mine or mill and the only way to limit large warranty bond liabilities is to have a fully conditional permit and stay fully compliant with the DRMS environmental regs.

Of course, we haven’t even touched on the fact that cgfi has no msha ID’s or permits on file, nor a handful of other agency permits needed to operate a mill in Colorado.  The DRMS permit isn’t the only permit or agency in the game.  Not by a long shot.

Recievership filed

A petition to place Colorado Goldfields Inc. in receivership has been filed with District Court of Jefferson County Colorado. The case number is 2013CV31502 Divison 5 Courtroom 4E. The court unfortunately will not consider letters, but if shareholders wish to write to the attorney describing their losses from fraud, misrepresentations, etc. the attorney can potentially enter them as evidence. The attorney’s address is:

Kenneth J. Buechler, Esq.
Buechler Law Office, L.L.C.
1621 18th Street, Suite 260
Denver, Colorado 80202

IHUB posting FACTS?

Here’s some:

Company formed in 2004  by Todd Hennis. Total Moron. Sells Snow Globes. Realizes scam is short lived. Files lawsuits to muddy waters.

Brings in C. Stephen Guyer who takes over company in 2007. Total moron, but thinks he’s smart. Pays himself Millions out of invester pockets. Prints up 35 BILLION shares, sells them to suckers. Scoops up voting shares for himself. Tells suckers usual story company will produce big profits soon. Turns it into Insiders piggy bank. Does 2 Stock Reverse Splits(so far), wipes out ALL investers,  and continues scam while paying himself out of investers pockets.To date has taken over 30 Million dollars from investers with nothing to show for it. Wash,Rinse,Repeat.

. Every explicit detail forwarded to the IRS/SEC.




Selling cgfi SHORT fallacy.

It’s impossible for the average cash, or even small margin account traders to short a penny stock.  There are no established brokerages that I know of who allow retail accounts to short stock under 3 dollars any more.  Online shady ones maybe.  Also, if the rare broker allows shorting under a buck, the fees are obscene.  Sometimes over 2 bucks a share.

THE ONLY people who can short the stock and make any money are the INSIDERS, like guyer, rice and cronies, they have received their shares FREE and may even have no desk accounts as well with their broker, thus low or no fees.  But guyer and pals most likely sell on the pops.

And absolutely the debt purchasers, who bought the convertible shares at an obscene discount and DO have ‘own desk’ trading which means they don’t charge themselves shorting fees thus they can make a lot of money shorting.  These groups sell on the way up and on the way down.

It is a well known fact that common retail could never make enough money to cover all the costs that brokerages have laid on.  Just isn’t feasible when the math is done.  Not that it doesn’t exist.  Shorting stock is legal and done every day.  With REAL companies, not criminal enterprises like goldfields and the likes of guyer and rice.

response to jr616 ******

cursury search on guyer shows name manipulation.
True name is Carl Stephen Guyer. profounds as ” S. Guyer, S.Stephen Guyer,Stephen S. Guyer, etc”.
scam could go further than cgfi alone and usally does.
rice’s majoral absense another issue.
both heavily prevalent in community ihub board. taking any oppurtunity promoting scam as legitimate enterprise.
would recommend continued correspondence with state/federal contacts untill legal action taken.
tracks are there for all to see. can run but cant hide.

bioweird revisits ipump cgi board with this observation:

I think that’s peanut “gallery”.

“Intresting that there has not been any comments concerning, proposed funding! Prospectus- trying to raise 2100000 dollars an no comments from the peanut factory?”

But it’s because EVERYONE knows guyer is raising that money for himself and rice and EVERYONE knows they have no more shares so they have no more real involvement with cgfi AND they don’t give a shit any more.  The only ones on the board are paid pumperclownasses like 567turdz and guyers’ many aliases like fricaseeass, akasshole amongst others.  Those assholes are there to sell THEIR shares to the newbie sheeple only.  Anyone who’s been through the first 2 R/S’s KNOWS better.

Gee, whatever happened to the am-04 that guyer MUST present to DRMS to try to correct the C&D?  This is such a flaming obvious small time criminal vapor company.

mining SCAM 101!


lol lol lol   Well, guess we were right after all… lol  now it’s when will it hit .0001?

Guyer may R/S pretty soon, then hit the authorized for a few billion.  guyer will not need to go BK, as he doesn’t owe any legit bank any notes.  All promissory notes are with insiders, who are making money selling shares, so none of them want, or need to claim bankruptcy.  Cgi is just a scam shell company, with fake so-called promissory note owners made to look like outside sources.  Perfect crooked scam criminal enterprise run from a home office and internet access.

I’ve got to figure out some way to do what guyer does.

Wait, that won’t work, I’m an honest person, brought up to respect MYSELF and other people and to value integrity.

Red sox fan… Me too.

Yea, sox fan, I was sure the pps would’ve dropped below a penny by Friday.  Oh well, very likely in the next couple of days.  What’s a few days amongst the losers anyways.

Guyer wiped EVERYBODY out (twice) and if they say they’re not, they are either lying or an insider.

In case no one noticed, guyer just gave himself almost 18 million more free shares.  And if you read my previous posts, you’d know that guyer is selling like crazy.  That almost 300,000 dollars for sitting in his porta-john doing shit.  (pun intended)

cgfi Pics tell a thousand words.

Don’t know how phony dick7509, but they sure tell the story.  Whatever that pond is, is still underwater and the seal isn’t complete.  Buildings are collapsing and that ramp to one of the loading doors isn’t usable at all.  WHAT have they been doing.

Nothing.  That’s what guyer has been doing. Could it be dick7509 is really a disgruntled shareholder basher in disguise putting out honest information in the only way one can get it to stay on the ipump cgi broad.  That is to sound pro cgi while ‘soft bashing’ guyer and crooks.  Since dick7509 is only river panning ‘mining’ his dirt lots he’s leasing.  Interesting.

I also notice dick7509 didn’t say what the sign on the door read.  It looks like someone took down a bigger older announcement on the door.  ‘Unsafe structure’ perhaps.  guyer hasn’t even bothered to repaint the company signs.

This does prove by dick7509, either purposely or inadvertently that the mill isn’t anywhere near opening in the foreseeable future… years as a matter of fact.  All shareholders will get are fraudulent stories to keep buying guyers’ shares.

Now lets sit back and read the ipump cgfi pumperclownasses make these shitty truthful pics look like a great thing for shareholders.

How does guyer sell his shares and make millions…

This could help explain how guyer can make millions and show no record.  cgfi is not a 12g or 12g-1 company, thus doesn’t have to report a thing.  Period.  Anything that guyer/cgi publishes is only for show.  cgi is not on any exchange.  cgi does not have 500 or more owners of record (maybe 70 if real).  guyers SEC filings are token bullshit.  guyer goes through the trouble with filings to look like a legit corp.  Here’s a link from a ipump board with some knowledge and understanding of how crooks like guyer can keep operating while looking like he’s not taking any real cash.  All smoke and mirrors.

janice shell Member Profile janice shell
Friday, May 10, 2013 12:03:00 PM  Re: CGardener post# 43611
Post # of 49348
Yes, unless you have 12(g) or 12(b) stock, insiders have no filing obligations. So if they go public with an S-1, and DON’T move to an exchange, they can do what they damn please without reporting their activities to anyone. Yes, if they’re greater than 5% owners, they’ll be expected to disclose that in a proxy statement or, in the absence of a proxy statement to be filed within the next four months, in a 10-K, but they don’t have to explain their trading in the stock.

Rule 12g3-2(b)
It is common knowledge that a company that has made a public offering in the United States or has securities listed on a U.S. stock exchange has to comply with the ongoing reporting requirements of the Exchange Act. Not everyone knows, however, that under some circumstances a company that has not made a public offering in the United States and does not have securities listed on a U.S. exchange has to register its securities under the Exchange Act and thus be subject to the ongoing reporting requirements of that Act.
Exchange Act Section 12(g) and Rule 12g-1 provide that a company with 500 or more record holders and more than $10 million in assets as of the last day of its fiscal year must register under the Exchange Act within 120 days after the end of such fiscal year.

dlc7509: You’re a ignorant dumbass and fraud

dlc7509:  (567turdz, is that you?) you have no idea what you’re lying about, and post by post as you contradict yourself, repeatably, I’ll show you how much of a lying fool you are.  I’ll just reference your true ignorant bullshit from your basic lies about yourself.  Here’s your first caught lie and contradiction:

dlc7509   Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:11:37 AM  Re: 1manband post# 65865        
    Post # of 65954
As a mine owner…actually lode sites close to Silverton…I beg to differ with your assessment of mining in the area we are discussing! I am speaking specifically about Colorado Goldfields! Your mind might be boggled..but mine is very clear…I need some answers from management…and for your information…you can reopen these mines in and around Silverton in months…not years! I should know…check the Golden Wonder in Lake City…your comments are appreciated but I am conveying information to some long time friends on the board!

Which you followed with this gem a while later…:

dlc7509  Thursday, August 22, 2013 12:43:59 PM
Re: sanbrunobaby post# 65944        
    Post # of 65954
I totally agree that no mines will be in production any time soon..but to say a decade as 1 poster alluded to is an error in knowledge! The mill permit was aquired and we all know it would have been much faster had mistakes not been made and Guyer made enemies with certain people!

Certain enemies?   You’re full of shit right there.  guyer and the mill don’t have a permit, it’s in CEASE and DESIST status.  That’s NOT a permit to do any milling, only work to clear the C&D.  Get your bullshit right dumbass.  Here’s more lies.

dlc7509 Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:21:52 AM Re: 1manband post# 65936        
    Post # of 65954
Funny..I’m sitting here in Lake City tonight just a mile or so from ore bags on Vickers property…but I’m sure you are right…a decade? Please! There are working mines around Lake City, Silverton, and Creede!

A dumbass panning in a river like you are IS NOT MINING!  You digging in tailings along some long closed individual hole is NOT MINING.  Full of clueless bullshit remark by you again…here’s why

1manband Thursday, August 22, 2013 1:31:21 PM  Re: dlc7509 post# 65953         
    Post # of 65962
My decade estimate to open a commercial mine is actually conservative. The average time to open a mine today from discovery to production is 18 years. 18 years.

Since there are no recently opened (or reopened) mines in Colorado, I can’t give you a specific example from the same State, but how about one from Arizona?

Another lying turd falls out of your face….

dlc7509 Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:24:50 AM  Re: 1manband post# 65936        
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By the way…Kye Abraham just turned over the Ute Ulay Hinsdale County for clean up and’s already underway….one thing you are correct about…the ore grades in the Golden Wonder are some of the best in the area in many, many decades! But what do I know?

You know jackshit… if they turned it over to the county for reclamation that means it’s CLOSED and dead.  You claimed it was active earlier…can’t keep your shit straight yet.

Now you and everyone visiting this site knows for an absolute fact that not only do you not know what you’re discussing at all, you are a serial lair who can’t keep his lies straight.  You’re a dismal failure as a pumperclown and probably a person.  And of course, we all can go to the internet for google pictures of anything and everything.





1Manband, if you even bother to read our blog….

You’re excellent 1man.  You don’t even let those cgi ipump pumper lying assholes faze you.  It looks like you deal with their kind of low intelligence all over ipump scam boards.

But I have a request, could you please mention cgfi and what they’re doing with the NI’s and other illegal shit on your Ihub Mining Company research board?  I truly believe cgi is worthy of your board and would be a great example of how scam exploration mining companies use real property to scam investors.  Expect guyer and pals to show up on your board, but they have no brains so it’ll be easy to dispatch them.

1Manband, you probably wouldn’t waste your time on guyers’ background, but rest assured, guyer has much questionable corporate dealings on his so called other positions.  guyer is a serial stock manipulation player with personal stock compensation packages he has created out of thin air for ALL previous companies he dealt with.  Toxic funding is his trademark, with almost all funds going to his and cronies pockets.  No one can find any concrete evidence of guyers history with whom he lists on his website.

None of this sounds like a legit company to me.  This blog would love it if you also came on board as we all have questions.

Thanks for all you do.

Sanbozo makes some points on ipump, don’t know why, but he does.

To my chagrin, bozo makes some solid points in support of 1manband, who doesn’t really need the support as he always has links to official SEC and mining documents.  But fricaseeasshole tries to bury that.

Talking about another mining stock is off topic anyhow.

But I have to correct bozos’ choice of words here:  It is the company that has created this situation not people posting on this board.”  

That’s only partially true.  The same people who own cgi ARE posting on the ipump board, everyday.

Possible sub penny by EOD?  I predict tomorrow for sure.  The cgfi pps really doesn’t matter on a suspended stock, later to be revoked after it’s officers get investigated by the SEC.